The more your online business grows, the greater the hosting needs and complexity in your web increases. By now your web must be feeling sluggish and your web server may be in great need of a beef up. You may have to choose from various types of hosting that will support your growing online business.

You can use the shared type of web hosting. In this, different websites share the same server. The greatest advantage in this is that the total cost is distributed amongst all the website owners, adding up to 5 to 10 dollars per month. As a website owner, you get to save more what could have been the maintenance and monitoring charges. All the hardware that is required is also availed by the host.

The drawback of this kind of setup is that you will be under the control of other sites that are being served by the server. Popular sites may affect your sites performance negatively but in case your site happens to be the most popular, then you have the chance to use a super server at very favorable prices. The fact that you will have to share many resources with other sites may cause your traffic to be affected by other traffic on the other sites.

Shared hosting can also result in a lengthened response time. This can put off some of the people who were interested in your site as fewer people have the patience to wait. The shared hosts are also susceptible to crashing especially if the activities at the site are not properly monitored. It is therefore very important to choose a reliable host if you opt for shared hosting.

How does shared hosting compare to dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting is one of the options you can go for instead of shared hosting. This is perfect especially if your business deals with huge amounts of traffic. This service is partly controlled by the service provider but is completely dedicated to help you meet your needs. Compared to shared hosting it offers quick response time, as it does not restrict the bandwidth. This means that it will be easier to retain your web traffic, as it will not require any patience from your web visitors.

Dedicated g\hosting is also better as it allows you to have more control over your website. This means that how your website operates will be your sole responsibility. The only setback, especially if you are just starting out is that it will cost you more to enjoy the services of this type of hosting. You also have additional duties in terms of regulation and monitoring. Finally, you also need to invest in all the necessary hardware as well as security requirements.

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