If you’re looking into creating and hosting your own website, you’ll need to purchase a hosting package from a webhosting company. Hosting packages typically have many extra features bundled these days, and it can be a bit daunting to try to determine which feature set is best for you. Here are some of the more common features offered by webhosts as additional incentives.

Unlimited Bandwidth – Many bigger webhosts have started offering unlimited bandwidth to their customers as a way of separating themselves from the pack. This sounds great, but many reviewers and bloggers have noted that in some cases, this isn’t the complete truth. Many webhosts actually include wording in their terms of service that places a limit on the bandwidth that your site is allowed.

If you’re running a legitimate website, you generally don’t have to worry about overages on your allotted bandwidth when you’re just starting out. If your site begins to attract a much larger number of visitors, it’ll be necessary to upgrade your hosting package anyway, which will include more bandwidth.

Storage Space – As with bandwidth, many webhosts promise unlimited store space for your website. A newly-established site with simple features and content will not use up an exceedingly high amount of storage space and will not attract the attention of the webhost.

Unlimited Email Addresses – Many hosting companies have turned to offering an unlimited number of email addresses with their hosting packages.

While being able to create an unlimited number of addresses is nice, it’s not really necessary if you’re running your own site. You’ll typically just need one email address, from which you’ll handle all of your site’s business. If you’re hosting a website for a larger company with several employees, however, it helps to be able to create as many email addresses as you need.

Multiple Domain Hosting – Many webhosts allow their customers to host multiple domains for one monthly rate, all under a single account.

This option simplifies the process of hosting multiple websites. You’ll be able to manage all of your hosted sites under one account, and you’ll only need to make one monthly payment instead of a payment for each account.

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