When deciding upon web hosting, one of the most important decisions to make is which platform to host your server on. The two most commonly used choices are the Linux web server and the Windows web server.

* FTP commands and control panel – Both Linux and Windows servers support these well, however some of the FTP commands are slightly different between 2 operating systems because some of the FTP programs are designed with one or another in mind. In running a few of the FTP commands on your computer server, this is why you will sometimes receive error messages.

-Support- the support for the Linux platform pales in comparison to that offered by Windows and is also sometimes more expensive and frequently more limited in its capabilities. Windows protocols are far more generic when contrasted with Linux that runs on far more particular technologies.

Reliability and Security Functions- Linux, which is generally used by software developers and those that engineer systems, often proves to be more reliable and to have some higher tech security features. Windows is more often used in the home or for the home office and is not quite as reliable or secure. Being ‘hacked’ on Windows is more likely because of its popularity and commonality, quite simply there are more people using it and therefore more people looking for flaws with it.

-Performance- Linux is generally thought to be a slightly better performing system primarily due to the manner in which the Linux server is packaged. Linux plans prove to be more uniquely produced for their target clients. Windows is usually guilty of using this package that seems to think that all users have the same requirements.

-Conversion- this is an area that should be heavily considered when thinking about what operating system may offer the most for you because you will pretty easily be able to convert your system from Linux to Windows if you decide to go with the former initially but change your mind. On the other hand, if you start off with Windows hosting you would do much better to just stick with it because attempting to convert from Windows to Linux can be a disaster.

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