I’m sure that you have often seen ads and banners for web hosting accounts. As a matter of fact we promote hosting right on our own website. But that’s not really what this article is about. A lot of people leap into the reseller hosting arena because they would like to sell web hosting accounts. It’s a fantastic business but it is seriously competitive and very hard to earn money because it’s really a volume driven business. So just why write an article about reseller hosting you may well ask? It is rather simple. You can use your reseller account to drive your own niche internet marketing promotions. Let me clarify.

When you have a reseller account you get access to a fantastic marketing tool that most individuals are simply not aware of. The thing is that, with a reseller hosting account you can operate your own niche internet marketing business far more cost effectively. Let’s say that you find a brand new niche. The first thing for you to do is purchase a domain name. The trick is to get your niche name within the domain name. As soon as this is accomplished you’ll need a hosting account. At this point you are saying why? All that I need to do is set up my new domain as an add on domain to my present hosting account, right? Yes you can do that but you will certainly pass up some marketing opportunities if you do.

The best way to set up a brand new website is to set it up having its own web hosting, that is separate from your main host so that it is not tucked away in a separate folder on your own principal server. Using a reseller account you are able to create a multitude of separate and specific sites that can all have distinct stats, email accounts and blogs.

The benefit of using this method is in the way your account is spidered by the search engines. Each specialized niche which you can set up can have its own hosting and all of the additional benefits which come with a standard hosting account. In the event that you happen to be a niche marketer and have 25, 30 or 50 blogs you want to understand exactly how each niche is actually doing coming from your website advertising to the number and type of visitors that come to your site.

Specialized niche marketing is a very hot trend at this time and I believe will remain to be a very hot trend in the long term because it is not gimmicky. There will probably always be room for small niche websites, as long as of course, they have something to say regarding the specific niche, they are in, that’s beneficial.

Reseller web hosting isn’t high-priced and as a matter of fact can end up being very practical in the long haul as there is actually only a single fixed cost with regard to the main reseller account spread out over many sites. An additional advantage is that it tends to make managing a lot of sites simple simply because you have a single main account to deal with.

If you want to have a lot more than one website earning for you think about making use of a web host reseller account.

You’ll find more details associated with Reseller Hosting and what it can do for your business here.

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