The technical features of a video website have to be considered carefully when you think about web video hosting. You can decide the choice of the video website according to the features available and whatever is of utmost importance for your storage needs.

The file size limits of the sites allow you to upload your data. Every video hosting site has a limited file size and when you want to upload your video on it, you have to do it in a compressed form. It is possible that the video may lose out on quality if you have to compress it to a great degree. Sometimes there are no limits of the size of the file, and it can be ideal to upload your master video file, but it may cost you an enormous amount of time.

The compression quality of your video website is important, because the final video will be hosted on the website for others to see. What is the use if the video website has a poor compression quality and the images later are warped and not clear? Before opting for a particular video website, check out the clarity and brightness of the videos. Once you have sent your video to the website, and it is not properly recompressed by them, it is too late to revert back.

Storage space is limited on some sites for video hosting. If the storage space that you have bought is limited, you have to keep deleting the videos which you had uploaded earlier, to make space for the new ones. The option for you is to buy additional space to upload your new material. For some websites there is no fixed space or limited number of videos that can be uploaded, but the quality may not be very good, and requires to be checked out.

The web video hosting service which you choose should offer you a video glossary with compression formats and codec. Depending on the format which you would like to use and feel comfortable with, the website should accept it. Of course most of the video websites take several video formats or even direct upload from the camcorder or phone.

Since most computers have Flash installed in them, it would be the obvious choice for your web video hosting. Flash is easy to play and is relatively fast. But other video formats are available too like iTunes, and you can then choose your video website viewing format.

Often a site may have a copyright issue and may not allow its users to download videos. You should then choose the video website accordingly, whether you want your videos to be downloaded or not. Another useful technical feature is editing, which is possible on some internet sites. Making changes then on your uploaded video can be done on the website itself and does not have to be done on your desktop and uploaded once again.

There is a list of online sites that have listings of various places to host your videos which includes all of the technical features of each website. It is a great help to make your choice of the hosting site that will best suit your particular needs.

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