Really, there are only a couple of types of website hosting available for web sites on the web and depending on the sort of online business or site you have, will, in actual fact determine the kind of web hosting that you will need. Of course numerous different websites that extend free web pages or web sites for people and they generally only provide a single page, possibly a couple with the power to upload pictures. Luckily these are usually easy to use so there is no need to be a computer wizkid to use one of these types of websites.

When you think about a site like MySpace where you can create a web site there that is entirely free. When you use on of these sites you can easily add pictures, blog pages, messages, videos and even music tracks with the only restriction being that it can only be for friendly uses only, or is supposed to be. Of course this is a prime instance of a free website, but meanwhile, MySpace utilizes your web page to place their own adverts.

Obviously you will be restricted on space, what type of content you can upload, and of course the website does not belong to your, but MySpace. Should you wish to sell merchandise online – you can employ a cheap common server that provides you with an opportunity to set up your site at no charge and might even provide templates. Of course you will have to acquire a domain name of course, for example,, plus you will have to register the domain name and then have access to upload your site on the common server.

A common server alternatively, is just like a non-paying server except you have to payout a a small amount every month to look after your web site. You can probably do more relating advertisements and might even establish an revenue by subscribing to Google Adsense adverts to be place on your site, even though you will still need to think up a domain.

The opposite to this is a dedicated server which holds only your website and no others so you have all the space as you require to create a web site as big as you need. You will have adequate bandwidth to accommodate all the traffic you can get, and have total control over the advertisements that you arrange on your web site. A dedicated server is the ultimate in hosting because you’re in actual fact hosting your own private site and you have storage space, the amount of information that can be transferred and freedom to do whatever you desire. Although, while being more expensive, in reality end up saving you money, or adding to your income, if used properly.

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