One of the biggest commodities today is web hosting. Two main elements of any web hosting plan are disk space and bandwidth. Disk space is essentially the amount of space that you have been given on a server to store your personal web site. Bandwidth is the amount you have available to move the web pages from the server over to the browser so visitors can view your site. The pages of your website, along with any graphics that you use, are what consume bandwidth.

It’s important to keep in mind that while the network lines that are used to carry data around the web have a limited capacity, there is no limit to the amount of data that can be transferred at any time. Many of the hosting companies that are around today claim to offer unlimited bandwidth hosting, but you need to be aware that there are limitations to both disk space and bandwidth. Before you decide to purchase an unlimited plan for your website, you should know what you’re preparing to buy.

Offering an unlimited plan is something that many web hosting companies offer as a bonus feature. If it’s unlimited then you as the consumer will never need to worry about running out of space, right? The truth is, it is impossible for any hosting company to offer unlimited bandwidth hosting or disc space. So why, then, do unlimited hosting plans exist? The answer is really quite simple, many websites actually only consume a small amount of bandwidth. The hosting companies that offer these unlimited plans are basing their sales pitch on the basis that your website won’t use very much.

If you own a small website and know that it will not be consuming much bandwidth, then unlimited bandwidth hosting makes the most sense. Some unlimited plans will come with restrictions like no audio or video downloads. These will use up more bandwidth and cost the hosting company more money. If you are considering an unlimited plan, understand what your overall needs will be. If they are not going to be intensive then you will not have any problems with an unlimited plan. If, however, you intend to have a lot of visitors to your site and want to have video downloads then do not choose an unlimited plan in the hopes that your bandwidth will be unrestricted. You may end up being charged extra or the web host could even shut your website down.

The best course of action before deciding on unlimited bandwidth hosting is to plan ahead. Take the time to figure out exactly how much bandwidth and disk space you will actually need to run your site. Look for plans that meet those requirements you have. Only consider unlimited hosting if you’re absolutely sure your disc space and bandwidth needs are going to be low. If you are planning to run an e-commerce site or a site you expect to grow in the future, then you should avoid any plans that offer unlimited hosting.

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