The decision that you make regarding which hosting provider to use when storing your files online hinges mainly on what sorts of files you mean to store and the particular needs you have for the file storage. Logically, file storage will be one of the most important elements of the web hosting experience. There are quite a few different reasons that could encourage the hosting of files on the internet, including hosting a game, images, podcasting, video streaming, pictures, and several others as well.

Option number one is to simply use the space allocated with whichever web hosting plan you went with. This way you just store files on your websites own domain and is really the easiest method to move ahead with. One of the biggest downsides to this technique however is the amount of bandwidth that will be sucked up by people looking at the files.

You can also remotely host your images and other data on services such as Box.Net. These services will store your files for you and you only need to link to them on your own website. This will not only keep your bandwidth down but will leave you with no restrictions on how much data you can upload.

For specific types of files you may want to consider different solutions, like using image hosting websites for storing your image files. There are many online image directories that you will be able to use, like Flickr and Imageshack, that will allow you to store your images safely in online directories and provide a good means of remotely accessing your pictures. There is a downside to this method and that is that if you have a lot of high resolution images, you might bump up against the bandwidth cap that the host allows you.

Either way there are options out there, depending greatly on your needs and the types of files you wish to store, depends upon which option you should take. Simply think about what you need to store the files for, how many there will be and why you need to store them, and you will know which service is best for you.

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