Managed dedicated web hosting provides users with more storage and bandwidth than what can be obtained through free services, even those that advertise unlimited limits. If you have a site which requires more specialist features programmed into it, then managed dedicated hosting is the way to go. Because free web hosting is “free”, it is limited in what it can offer and often you are forced to accept the hosting services advertising material.

If you have a lot of employees then dedicated hosting has additional benefits such as multiple email addresses – often up to 500 or a 1000. It also has storage to support basic database applications on the server side of the web host. This allows for the development of applications that enable you to store data on the server side also and have queries and other types of program and programming scripts embedded into your web-site.

Bandwidth is the feature that gives most website owners the most grief especially when the hosting service is inflexible and closes the site down once bandwidth limits have been exceeded. Some websites use as much as a 1000Gb each month, some far more. Bandwidth measures the volume of data transmitted over an Internet connection. When choosing a hosting plan, bandwidth allowances should be an important consideration. There is really no such thing as unlimited bandwidth. Those that offer it often have in acceptable use policies that hidden in the fine print.

If you are running small applications then this type of hosting service may well suffice. Businesses are rarely stagnant and those that are often don’t last, A growing business is one that is moving forward and a dedicated server can move forward with them.

It doesn’t matter what applications you are currently running, you need to consider the future. If your future plans include applications that require more than 750GB, start with a top package rather than trying to upgrade at a later date. There are various types of web plans based on the types of Internet applications that you are developing for your business. One example is a membership site that allows members to upload/download videos or ebooks. These sites require huge bandwidth limits. As any business grows, so to does its need for storage space and website bandwidth.

Dedicated web hosting should be the first choice for any business. There are a wide range of packages available with some accommodating direct no hassle upgrades. Being able to add more storage or bandwidth is an important consideration. If you want total control of your web site’s administrative functions then you might want to look at an self managed web hosting service. This provides complete control over what happens on your server. The down side is that you will either need to have good server administrative skills, or the resources to employ someone who does.

Dedicated web hosting can be complex. If you need more information on this or on domain names and web hosting in general – just ask. We are the experts in this field.

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