The technical features of a video website have to be considered carefully when you think about web video hosting. You can decide the choice of the video website according to the features available and whatever is of utmost importance for your storage needs.

It is important for you to judge how your video will look after it has been uploaded on the website and if the compression is too much; it may not look as presentable as you would like it to. Many websites have a limit of file size. Your video then requires being compressed so that it can fit into the video website, since each video website has a specific amount of space that you can use to store your files. Of course some websites have no limits of file size, but the uploading is extremely time-consuming. The amount of space you are alotted usually increases if you upgrade to some sort of premium hosting plan.

Before you upload your video to a host, you must check the clarity and brightness of the videos which are hosted on that site. All videos are compressed and the compression quality of the video website is largely responsible for the quality of the video shown on the site. A poor compression quality will obviously give you hazy and dull videos, even if the master video is of a good quality.

When you upload your new videos, you must be careful about the amount of storage space that has been allotted to you. Sometimes you may need to delete the old stuff that you have and create space for the new ones. But if you don’t want to do that, you are often given the option of buying additional storage space. Check out the websites which allow you to upload videos without any limitation of either storage space or numbers, but don’t forget to check their technical features too.

If the site which you choose has a video glossary, it will have compression formats and codec. Most of the video websites today cater to several video formats, so that you can choose the one that you are most familiar with. You can now even upload from a camcorder or a phone, or through other commonly used video formats .

The most common video website viewing format is Flash, as it is generally the most easily accessible in most computers when you purchase them. Its biggest advantage is its speed and simplicity. But iTunes is relatively popular as well and can be a very good choice for a web video viewing format.

Video sites may permit downloads or not, and that is your choice too. If you have a copyright issue, then choose a site where it is not possible to download the videos. Editing features are also available on the website, so once you have hosted a web video, you can then change or edit on the website itself, instead of editing it on your desktop and then uploading the entire video again.

Several other features are offered on web hosting sites like site demographics, search capabilities and privacy, just to name a few. The technical features are more important and there is a full list of online web video hosting sites available, which lists all the features, making it easy for you to choose the right one that suits your purpose.

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