Web hosting is normally done either from the site owner’s private computer, or by employing the services of a web hosting company. Web hosting companies have many options and service levels to choose from.

Hosting a site from a computer located in your office or home can be a dangerous prospect. When the web first started becoming more mainstream in the mid-nineties, hosting yourself was viable, but now it’s far too scary an idea with hackers who are searching 24/7 for web servers to take down, vandalize, or infect with malware. Unless you’re a web security expert, this road is not recommended.

Also, think about the toll serving your own site will take on your bandwidth. Any kind of consumer level ISP connection will grind to a halt under any kind of moderate load from a website, especially if you plan to host any multimedia content.

When choosing to go with a web hosting provider, you’ll never have to worry about security risks, backups of your date, or unneeded strain on your bandwidth. Most small websites start off with something called “Shared Hosting”. It’s the cheapest option and basically means your site is hosted on one web server that also serves many other sites that are customers of the host. This is generally okay for most people, but if another site on your server experiences problems or becomes popular quickly, it can affect your sites responsiveness and availability.

Virtual Private hosting is similar as you use a shared machine, but it’s split into separate virtual machines, where each web site gets a guaranteed set of resources. This means another site on the same server generally cannot affect yours adversely.

Dedicated web hosting is the best bet for sites where 100% uptime is a critical matter. Your site is on one dedicated machine and all of the resources are just for your site. This option is much more expensive than shared hosting, but the advantage is speed and more versatility with what kind of databases you can use and more.

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