In computing, SSH or Secure Shell, is considered to be both a computer program and an associated network protocol that’s been designed for logging into a remote computer. This program is intended to replace the telnet and RSH protocols and provide users with secure and encrypted communications over an insecure network. With web hosting ssh you are able to download and install different scripts quickly and easily and then move or copy those files directly into your web directory. You can also perform simple editing of any web files. With an SSH-enabled host you can perform simple text file editing using vi or any other text editor your host provider may have installed.

If you currently have a directory that is residing on your web server and you want to copy it somewhere else you can manipulate files and directories with web hosting ssh. The process is as simple as running a single command instead of needing to download the entire directory to your computer, rename it and then upload it to its final destination on the server. Even the process of renaming files can be done easily using SSH. Secure shell is also a helpful tool for larger websites which makes it extremely useful for the more advanced user.

If this is your first time web hosting ssh then it would be in your best interest to choose a site host that has excellent customer service. If you’re trying to learn a new system then having a host that has help articles, call centers and other forms of support is always beneficial. Secure shell features can be helpful for all types of users but you can find some sites that will have tutorials for newer users. Common commands and walkthroughs can easily be found on the Internet. Depending on what your website needs are, there are many different web hosting services and with secure shell you will be able to improve your ability to manage sensitive files and information without worry.

Using web hosting ssh solves the problem of password theft and false messages that can be transmitted under a stolen identity. Secure shell is able to verify the host computer which ensures that you are always connected to the right host and not being redirected to a third party intending to steal from you. Web site hosting is an excellent way to reach customers, readers or even family, depending on the type of website you want to create. But for many the threat of losing all their information to theft is not worth the risk. A secure shell function protects both you and your vital information while allowing you to make any necessary changes and transmit information easily.

It’s important that you ensure whatever website host service you use supports SSH-2 and not SSH-1. SSH-1 was the very first incarnation of secure shell and it does contain some design flaws that can cause problems. SSH-2 utilizes public and private keys in order to verify a user. Both of these keys must match up in order for any user to gain access to a secure shell. Hackers have grown past SSH-1 and you need to keep up with them.

Why you should choose Web Hosting SSH

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