A web hosting service is something that is provided by a web services company, where you can get your own website online and have it fully accessible world wide. Whenever you visit a website, no matter what, it is making use of web hosting. Companies that offer this service are known as web hosts.

Web hosts often own actual servers for storing their customers websites on, sometimes there may only be a handful of servers, but bigger hosts will usually have huge data centers containing up to thousands of servers. Not all web hosts own their own servers though, some rent them out and sell the web space to people – this is common for smaller companies.

Web hosts that are particularly big will usually have multiple server boxes, and will buy large quantities of them as their business grows. These are the kind of companies worth buying from, however, watch out for web hosts that are reputable in their service, including their uptime and customer service. Just because a web host is seemingly big and making good profit, does not mean that their service is automatically good, and this can result in your website doing down often if you use their hosting. Nowadays, anyone can startup a web hosting company, as server boxes can come pretty cheaply, and as a result there is a lot of competition.

You can get a couple of different kinds of web hosting service, one being shared hosting and the other being dedicated servers. The most popular service is shared hosting, which is ideal for small and/or informational websites and often small businesses. With shared hosting, there are multiple customers per server. If you rent a dedicated server, you are the only one assigned to that particular server box and therefore the processing power and storage is entirely yours. As you can imagine, this is useful for businesses, it is of course pricier but the speed is faster and the reliability is very high.

If you have a hobby website, or any kind of information website, then shared hosting is likely all you need. Larger websites, such as web applications with a lot of functionality, tend to be better off with dedicated server hosting. Shared hosting comes lower in price, which means it’s sought after by businesses that just need a starting point.

Once you’ve bought some web hosting, it is standard to get given FTP (File Transfer Protocol) login information. If you’re wondering what FTP is, it’s what’s used for uploading files to your hosting account, where the files become available for access on the web. Luckily, it’s not usually difficult to use, and this is due to the fact that the uploaded files are stored not much differently from how they are on your own hard drive – a set of folders containing your files. You can even transfer full folder structures so that it’s all structured nicely for you on your account.

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