Can websites that compare web hosting services be trusted? I really do not know for certain. However, this is an important consideration because you will want to do some very good research when you are trying to choose the correct web host for either your personal uses or for a business. You have the advantage of reading some of the following actual independent reviews covering the most reliable providers of web hosting services in selecting your web hosting provider. Here are the Top 5 hosting comparison sites that offer reviews and ratings (usually this is named “Top 10 Web Hosting” comparison sites):

This site is particularly helpful, as it provides trustworthy and current information regarding ways to select the best service. The site includes reviews of webhosting companies, suggestions and discussion forums on hosting related topics, and also offers guidance on server hosting, ecommerce platfors, business hosting, service provider ratings and relevant news items.

You can also see a list of the top 10 web hosting providers for under $10 a month. Although it is worth noting that I have not looked into these lists personally and so can not vouch for their reliability. All hosting plans in these reviews include at least a free domain name and a 30 day money back guarantee.

This site is an industry-specific place to find webhosting news items, facts and various types of relevant material.

On top of this, is a fantastic community that is comprised of people that truly care about web hosting and related services and technologies and will allow people to offer articles or comment on various trends.

As the most professional hosting review sites, provides a free guide reviewing the best web hosting providers. Every web host is chosen by the site, given a very thorough test run which insures for the webmaster which site provides the best overall experience.

Such sites for web hosting which are contained below are not necessarily the best rated in the segment, even though you will likely glean a bit of helpful info. there. However, some of the web hosting providers featured on are not well represented and without a face.

Of course, on the Internet, in fact it is very difficult to look for the whole independent reviews of webhosting services. As a result, do not use just these independent reviews as the main criteria to pick the hosting provider that you want.

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