A lot of people think that there is really very little choice of what you can expect to receive when you purchase a web hosting package. Contrary to popular belief, website hosting is not a one-size-fits-all type of service, and every host offers its clients many different options and types of services. Many assumptions made about web hosting services are just not true. There are several kinds of hosting packages and each package is designed to cater to a certain type of customer.

* Shared Hosting Plans

Shared programs put up your website on a server which hosts additional clients’ websites too. In some cases, there may be ten websites besides your own. In other cases, there may be hundreds or thousands. Many people select shared hosting because it is less costly than other solutions.

Servers Which Are Dedicated

One of the nicest things about a dedicated plan is that it is extremely flexible. You can choose everything from the operating system and software to scripts run on the server. You do not have to worry about taking up too much processing capability, since no other clients are on your server.

VPS Plans

The downside of a dedicated server is the higher price. A virtual private server (VPS) gives you many of the benefits of a dedicated plan while remaining more cost effective. With a VPS hosting system, the server box is partitioned by the host so that while you are sharing space you will not be sharing or processing various resources with other customer sites. Offering a fair distribution of the server resources for every customer, the server is well organized and managed. This helps to alleviate problems experienced with shared hosting solutions, preventing other customers’ sites from affecting the speed and load-time of your sites.

Reseller Packages

If you would like to repackage a company’s hosting services, then a reseller package is a good solution. They pay a monthly fee to a provider who allocates space on a server. In turn, the reseller then divides this allocation into smaller units that can be sold to other customers. This type of package will not be appropriate for most businesses outside the reseller industry.

Reliability, versatility, and customer support prove to be the most critical characteristics to contemplate when one is seeking out a host for websites. Going with the cheapest possible program is an often made misstep.

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