A lot of people may think that web hosting is a one-size-fits-all type of service without a lot of options. Most people think that there are few, if any, differences, throughout the hosting industry. In fact, the opposite is true. There are a variety of hosting options on the market. Which one you choose, depends largely on your individual needs.

* Shared Hosting Plans

When you sign up for a shared plan, you are basically using a server that hosts yours as well as other customers’ sites. There might be as many as ten additional websites along with your personal website, in a few instances. However, some hosts are known to lump hundreds or thousands of sites on one box. However, shared hosting is a very popular choice because it is the most economical.

Servers Which Are Dedicated

A dedicated plan offers complete flexibility. A dedicated server is dedicated solely to your account, so you have the ability to select every script, software and even operating system that is on the server box. You do not share space with any other customers, so every ounce of resources and power are dedicated to your account and websites.

Package three – VPS Plans

A VPS, or virtual private server, features the versatility of a dedicated server, yet not the expensive price. The server box is partitioned or separated by the host so that you share processing services with other customers’ websites. But it differs in the fact that each site receives an equal portion of these resources. This helps to alleviate problems experienced with shared hosting solutions, preventing other customers’ sites from affecting the speed and load-time of your sites.

Packages for Resellers

A reseller solution is geared toward customers who would like to resell a provider’s hosting service under their own name. They pay a monthly fee to a provider who allocates space on a server. They can then resell this space in smaller sizes to customers of their own. If you are not in the reseller business, this probably does not provide an adequate solution to your needs.

The most important factors to consider when looking for a website host are flexibility, reliability, and support. Remember to do your homework because the cheapest solution isn’t always the best way to go.

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