To have a website, you need web space on a server. The provider of the space which allows you to own your own online site is called a web host. How are you able to make money via reseller hosting; what is it all about?

You are undoubtedly aware that online companies are opening, expanding, and transforming each and every day, since you are an Internet entrepreneur. Web space on another persons server can be sold by people known as resellers. More or less, you become the middle man. Reseller hosting provides many profitable possibilities with the large number of people creating websites.

You simply create your own website to offer web hosting services. People will be able to obtain a domain name and then being a website with your hosting service. Due to the fact that you are reselling web hosting services, you are not responsible of the server maintenance. Since you serve as a reseller, you are able to profit without the need to resolve any technical problems which may arise.

In order to get registrations for domains at reduced pricing, hosting resellers are able to register as an enom reseller. Then, via developing your proprietary domain registration website which is turnkey, you can feature registrations for domain names and offer your own total billing setup for your individual clients.

You might be wondering how to get your reselling business started. We offer basic suggestions to help you begin, as follows:

* Pick out a user friendly control panel and platform to use in your web hosting accounts.

- Choose a reliable web hosting company with outstanding support for your reseller account.

* Relevant to the competition’s asking prices and the services that you will offer, create your own hosting packages and set the prices that you will charge.

- Design a website which provides user-friendly navigation to highlight your new hosting business.

- Ensure that your website is set to do business by establishing a merchant account, a payment gateway and an SSL certificate to provide full security.

- Establish customer service functions, as in a help desk.

- Establish a process for billing.

* In order to earn money, you will have to promote your brand new reseller hosting services company; be prepared to advertise.

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