In this busy world, not everybody can find time or is willing to come to church. But there is one medium that reigns supreme when it comes to reaching mass audiences within a short span of time. It is Internet. Churches are also fast realizing that one of the best methods for hosting sermons is on their own website.

To host sermons on the website of the church, one needs a sermon publishing system. These publishing systems include the desktop publisher application, the site manager and the hosting services that allow you to add and broadcast sermons on your website. There are many sermons publishing software available in the market. To make sure that you are choosing the best, look for following features in the publishing system.

Ease of use: Not everybody using the software is a rocket scientist; therefore ease of use is the most important feature that one should look for. The downloading and installation of the publishing system should be simple and hassle-free. Adding sermons on the website should be easy. The publishing system should also be compatible with all the major audio and video file formats.

Sermons Hosting: To enable users to easily share the audio or video sermons file it is important that the hosting service of the publishing system allocates sufficient disk storage space and bandwidth to the website.

Search engine friendliness: This feature makes your website searchable. The content management system of the software should enable the search engine spiders to track the website and the sermons pages.

Indexing: The publishing system must index the sermons, so that the visitor can easily browse for sermons of his/ her interest.

Control over the content: As the administrator, you and not your hosting service should have control over the archival or deletion of published content.

Usage statistics: It is very helpful for the preachers to add or modify the sermons if they have access to information such as the number of visitors per day or most viewed topics. A feature of usage statistics in the publishing system makes this possible.

Most of the available sermons publishing systems come at no cost to the user. Users are only charged for the disk space and bandwidth usage. Therefore, the best methods for hosting sermons are ones that provide all the above stated features at minimal cost.

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