The threat of global warming is on the minds of many modern consumers, so it comes as no surprise that the web hosting industry has jumped into the fray and has started offering eco-friendly and environmentally healthy hosting options to their customers who are interested in these things. A number of green hosting solutions have appeared recently, offering web hosting that only utilizes wind, water or solar power for all their operations.

The green hosting business is very well known, with a lot of big name hosting agencies such as Host Gator in the market to offer their clients completely verified green hosting. Since a lot of web hosting businesses are making the effort to be more caring about ecology, an increasing number of people are feeling like they are doing something worthwhile by buying this, because it benefits nature as well while they are receiving what they require from the web hosting business.

Although being green can be defined in a number of ways, many feel that the easiest way to define a green host is as a host that is totally powered by renewable sources, without any reliance on fossil fuels. Although green hosting has been around for a long time, it is becoming increasingly popular. This has led to an explosion of green web hosting companies over the last few years.

These days a number of business applications depend on having a large audience, so when consumers note that brand name companies are becoming involved in green hosting, many are not as reluctant about trying the smaller companies who have been providing the same solution for years.

Well, what can you hope for with your green hosting company? Almost the same business as you would hope for with other web hosting businesses, however there is one significant detail. Green hosting businesses who receive complete reusable power should say exactly where their power originates, so you are precisely aware of the kind of power you are purchasing with your money.

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