One of the decisions that must be made and yet still trips up many people along the way is which web hosting platform you want your server to be on. Windows and Linux web servers are two of the most popular web servers to choose from.

- The control panel and FPT commands, you will find these on both Windows and Linux servers, although you will discover that some commands will differ between the two because certain FTP programs were designed primarily for Windows or Linux. This can be one of the main reasons that you end up getting error messages when you are trying to run new FTP commands through your server.

Support – Linux can be limited in support for some technology which can sometimes make it more expensive in comparison to Windows. Windows protocols are far more generic when contrasted with Linux that runs on far more particular technologies.

-Security and reliability- Windows is a platform that is used extensively in home computing uses and some of the security features that come with it are simply not as technologically advanced as those that are offered with the Linux platform which is more commonly used by system engineers and developers. It is much more likely that you will have a successful attack against you when using Windows than Linux if no other reason than the fact that there are a much larger number of Windows based attacks than Linux ones.

* Performance – Linux has been reported to be of high performance mainly due to the way Linux servers are packaged. With Linux things are usually designed to fulfill specific tasks. Windows is usually guilty of using this package that seems to think that all users have the same requirements.

* Conversion – possessing a Linux web server today is alright, in particular if you plan to switch over your Operating System in the near future, since your conversion will prove to be simple and smooth in getting your website changed over to Windows hosting from Linux hosting. However, if you have started out with Windows you will have a series of immense difficulties in store for you if you try and change to Linux.

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