As per my promise in the last article, I will tell you the best aspects of choosing the right web hosting company for yourself. There is a critical decision making to choose the right web host that is reliable and cheap, whereas you will get all the benefits such as installing a wordpress blog, installing a shopping cart such as zen cart, os commerce, magento, cube cart. Depending on your experience working with web hosting it is curtail to find the web hosting company that will fit your needs.

I can possibly name thousands of websites which were launched buy never made to a point where they were making money online. I bet you’re now thinking how hard can it be to find the right web hosting company to be successful online. It is a major important decision whereas to find the reliable web hosting because once your website is ready and uploaded to the web server, you will eventually think about marketing your website. When you market your website you will like to know how reliable is your web host and how much traffic can it handle at once. Let’s say for example at first you are only getting about 200-300 visitors per day eventually once your marketing strategy is in place and things starts working out then you will start seeing a high number of traffic that can be close to about 2000 per day for instance. Now here comes a catch where not all the web hosting company will allow to you use their server resources, which will make your account go on suspension. That is will hurt the traffic of consumers and your ranking in search engines.

I personally always point my clients and consumers to the right direction whereas my expertise lies in marketing such as PPC (Pay per click) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If you are looking to have a good ranking in search engines for your website or niche market there are few things that I will recommend. To start of with I will recommend that you get C-Class IP for your website now there is a catch now all web site will offer C-Class IP hosting or if they do offer it for a buy of minimum of 5 C-Class IP’s which could get expensive. Working in this market for ample amount of time, I have found a website which do offer C-Class IP hosting as an each at for $6.95 per month, it is called search engine optimization hosting.

Next major aspect that I will like to bring to your attention is the amount of support provided to you. I can name multiple web host that expect you to be the master to hosting, where as I will name They are a good reliable hosting but don’t anticipate that you will receive a great code help or installation help, don’t take me wrong when I say that because they will help you to setup your server and that is the most help that you will receive from them. I did come across where they were pretty reasonable on their pricing for web hosting at $1.95 per month that is for the shared hosting. Yet you do get a drastic amount of help from them, such as installing a wordpress or shopping cart. Matter of face they do have a software called Fantastico De Lux where you can install these in just few clicks.

Few months ago, I ran into a issue where my client was working on their wordpress which had a huge amount of traffic, and could not afford to have any downtime. But somehow he managed to bring his site down, where I did try to look at it for him which was way out of scope of my knowledge. And I tired calling to see if they could help me with it. They were able to get the site up and running in less than about 30 minutes again and advise me that the client managed to overwrite his configuration files, which had caused the site to crash. How did he manage to do that? He changed his sites url and other setting, wow that was a disaster when you have an approximate traffic of 10000 plus visitors a day.

Coming to the end of this article, and would like to revise the major point that I would recommend to all of you reading this article is that get SEO Hosting. In SEO hosting you will get a IP address that is C-Class IP where the search engines give you more weight. My next article is going to be on setting up a online store, until then don’t forget to sign up at, your only reliable hosting company.

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