The name of “reseller” indicates or suggests that it is an individual who sells to a third person, something bought from another person or source. The item would have been purchased at a lower price and being resold at a higher price thereby would generate profit. Usually, such individuals are termed as middle men in business terms. Selling and reselling of hosting websites also is a common practice. There are many such hosting solutions, but the one where the web server is running on a Windows operating system it is called a reseller windows hosting provider.

The hosting reseller does not need to have an exhaustive technical knowledge about server technology, networking and the likes. Interacting with clients on aspects of web page designing and the likes is all that the reseller windows hosting needs to concentrate on.

Linux hosting was the more preferred solution during the early periods of this host reselling business. With time, however, there was the general realization and awareness of the advantages of Windows as the web server operating system. With that reselling solutions also shifted from Linux to Windows.

Third party applications that are available in plenty for the Windows operating system makes it a better choice for reselling of hosting options. It is easy to attach the application packages to the hosting site, some of which are available for free while others against a price. Being of help for the clients to maintain their websites makes windows a better hosting choice.

There is also the advantage of powerful database running engines like the ASP and SQL which have been known to work much better on the Windows Operating system than any other Operating system. Linux has no such well established database applications.

Customers wish to host their web site on the internet for different purposes. They desire not only space and bandwidth to host their web page but also application that would ease the task of creating and maintaining their web pages on the net. As windows have a better range of options in this regard it makes reseller windows hosting a more lucrative business proposition than any other solution.

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