You don’t need to pay for a dedicated web server to make money online. There are many shared hosting services that are more affordable and that can host several different sites. If your online business is growing though, there are a few good advantages that you can get from cutting lose from the groups that your sites are part of.

There are two reasons why separating from a group of sites in a host makes sense, longer up times and faster page loads. Websites in shared servers may often experience a lot of down times and slow loading because of the huge amount of traffic that each of the sites in a group get. If you only have your traffic rate to worry about in a dedicated server, you will most likely be able to ensure better site performance.

Serious online entrepreneurs know how important dedicated web servers are. If you don’t have one, your profit potential can drop. Visitors who could have become clients will start leaving your site without taking action because your site pages are always nowhere to be found. The worst part is that they can jump over to the competition.

The impact of sharing servers goes well beyond the obvious. It is believed that aside from pushing away real clients, poor site performance can also keep search engine robots away. Robots that don’t find your pages when they drop by will leave without indexing or ranking your site. If it doesn’t get indexed, it loses out on search engine traffic.

A dedicated server host doesn’t just help improve traffic. It can also improve the way you organize and manage each of your sites. With your sites in one server, you can make sure that they all maintain uniform applications and technical details. You can also choose only the specific tools that you would want to use for your sites. This is what’s missing from shared hosting accounts.

Another positive point that dedicated servers have is enhanced security. Shared hosting services may not always be able to provide good security because they don’t have complete control over the kind of scripts and activities that all clients implement. If one site in a group misbehaves, every other site can suffer consequences.

A dedicated web server will also most likely come with excellent customer service. This is something you should expect because you are paying so much more than other site owners under shared categories.

The only major disadvantage to having your own server is the cost of maintenance. You can’t get your own if you don’t pay a steep price. The cost can even increase more once traffic starts to build up. The cost involved is the reason why only huge business entities pay for separate servers. You can monitor your business using tracking tools to determine if there is any considerable, steady growth. In case there is, you might want to consider paying for your own server.

Dedicated web servers have real benefits to online businesses. This is why you should explore this option if you know that your business has the potential to expand exponentially.

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