Windows hosting is essentially different sites that are served either by Microsoft Windows or NT Internet Information Server. This type of web hosting is thought to contain dynamic uninterrupted administration as well as reliability and scalability features. If you are planning to use some type of Windows application, such as ASP, then window web hosting would be considered an ideal solution. Additionally, if you are going to be developing your website using such systems as MS Index Server, .NET or Visual Basic Scripts then Windows hosting will be a better option compared to that of UNIX.

It’s true that once upon a time Windows seemed to hold a virtual monopoly on hosting and operating systems. However, the rise of such open source systems like Linux appeared to be challenging that long-held position. In recent times, Windows seems to have taken back some of that initiative by creating a more user-friendly system that has more capabilities than before. One of the key benefits to window web hosting is branding. Microsoft does have the edge when it comes to branding simply because of the sheer number of products it currently has on the market. If you are in the market for a hosting platform then you’re probably looking for one that can fit with your existing Microsoft hardware or software.

Improved operating systems are another key benefit to consider with window web hosting. The newer Windows operating systems are more powerful than their predecessors. Microsoft has improved their end to end server management and this is an important consideration for anyone who has ever been affected by a virus or other cyber-threat. The Windows systems are also completely geared for any upgrades which also makes them more attractive when it comes to a long term investment. ASP Hosting is another major feature of Windows hosting. Article server pages allow users to create dynamic and interactive web pages with very little effort. Other products require users to know more complex programming languages such as PERL or CGI.

Improved cost effectiveness can usually be a deal breaker when it comes to choosing a hosting platform. Why should you pay a premium price when you can run the same applications on an open source system for a fraction of the price? Microsoft is very aware of this and since they own all of the proprietary licenses they are able to drive down costs to remain competitive with such open sources as Linux. Windows is also proving to be more and more popular with developers as well as users because of its ease to use. As a developer, you would be able to concentrate on developing new applications without needing to learn an entirely new set of technical skills.

Finally, flexibility is an important benefit to consider. The new Windows systems can be used to run some of the more popular open source systems such as PHP and MySQL. The reverse is not often true, however, as many open source programs often are not able to cope with Windows.

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