In order to have a website, you will require a server providing web space. The provider of the space which allows you to own your own online site is called a web host. However, what is meant by reseller hosting and how can you profit from it?

You will realize that business on the internet has been steadily opening, growing, and changing when you are an online entrepreneur. Web space on another persons server can be sold by people known as resellers. Basically by doing this you are a middle person. Reseller hosting provides many profitable possibilities with the large number of people creating websites.

All you have to do is to create a website which provides web hosting services. Customers may obtain a domain name and then launch websites through your hosting service. You have no responsibility for server equipment since you are re-marketing web hosting services. Since you serve as a reseller, you are able to profit without the need to resolve any technical problems which may arise.

A hosting reseller may also enlist as an enom reseller in order to obtain domain registrations at a discount. Offering domain registrations to your clients is then possible, either by means of a master billing system or through the creation of a proprietary domain registration turnkey site.

You might be wondering how to get your reselling business started. This is a simple guide to get you on your way:

- Choose a platform and control panel to be used by your hosting accounts which are easily navigated.

- Select a trustworthy web hosting company with a record or excellent support as your reseller account.

* Relevant to the competition’s asking prices and the services that you will offer, create your own hosting packages and set the prices that you will charge.

- Build a business web page that has your new web hosting enterprise design displayed.

- For total security coverage, ensure that your website is ready to take business with a merchant account, payment gateway, and SSL certificate.

- Establish customer service functions, as in a help desk.

* Create a system for billing.

* In order to earn money, you will have to promote your brand new reseller hosting services company; be prepared to advertise.

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