There is a general misconception that the web hosting industry offers services that are largely homogeneous. They feel that each website host offers almost identical packages. But, this is definitely a false belief. Many types of hosting services are available, and each set of features are meant to be beneficial for different types of client.

* Shared Hosting Plans

Plans that are shared put the website on a server that is also hosting the websites of other clients. Depending upon the host you might share server space with about ten other websites. Or it could be as high as thousands of different sites. Hosting that is shared is a popular method since it is inexpensive when compared to other methods.

Package two – Dedicated Servers

A dedicated hosting plan offers customers a lot more flexibility than a shared hosting plan. You will be able to decide which scripts, OS, and software are used. Because your site is the only one on the server, you do not have to worry about other sites taking up your resources.

Package three – VPS Plans

VPS stands for ‘Virtual Private Server’, this is like a dedicated server but at a lower cost. The server box is partitioned or separated by the host so that you share processing services with other customers’ websites. But unlike a virtual server where everyone is fighting for the same space, a VPS gives each customer an equal portion of the resources separate from the others. So with an VPS you do not need to worry about other customers hogging the server resources.

Package four – Reseller

A reseller solution is geared toward customers who would like to resell a provider’s hosting service under their own name. This person will pay for the server space from a provider. They can then resell this space in smaller sizes to customers of their own. However, unless you are working within the reseller industry, this type of package is probably not appropriate for your needs.

When thinking about selecting a website hosting service, you will want to examine the support, reliability, and flexibility of its features. Make sure to choose a host based on what they can provide you rather than just focusing solely on the service that offers the best rate.

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