Any kind of reference to shared hosting refers also to a virtual hosting service or derive host. This refers to the many different websites that share one web server throughout the internet. Additionally, there are a number of other things that entail this kind of service as well.

Usually, whenever people want to have their website hosted at a cheaper rate, shared hosting is the way to go. By utilizing this type of hosting, they are not responsible for the running costs of the server by themselves but rather share the costs with others on the server. Smaller companies and individual users tend to have the most benefit with this type of solution.

With this option, the person does not have the responsibility associated with managing and installing server software. In addition, they are not responsible for the technical support or security of the servers as well. Generally, most host providers offer the Linux server as a solution for those who want hosting. Much of this relates to the reliability they offer among other things.

There are few that offer Microsoft based servers, but either of them offer much of the same kind of features. Most of the differences lie within the issues related to the operating systems. Additionally, this breaks down to include two basic types of hosting that is shared.

The two kinds that are offered are name based shared hosting and IP based shared. The first type consist of a number of websites on a server with one IP address that is shared among all. All of the sites have a name that is unique to them, but their IP address is not something that is different from others on the server. Generally, this was a problem, but has changed throughout the years.

When it is hosting shared on the basis of the IP address, each of the sites are given their own IP address. With this option, the sites have the option to have an individual SSL certificate which amounts to more security for the site in general. Due to this, more have started to prefer this option, therefore increasing the amount of servers changing to this type of hosting.

Mainly, most of the advantages of choosing hosting that is shared has to do with the price. In addition, this option works well for those who are not technologically savvy enough to host their own site. With this option, the websites are not responsible for the server administration as they would be in the case they used a single server, however there is the disadvantage of having less control. When this route is taken, extra privileges is not an option for a website that is shared among many.

Overall, shared hosting provides the cheapest alternative for smaller companies. Additionally, individuals have the added benefit of not having the responsibility of administration of the site on their own. In the end, whenever a site is chosen it should consider all factors of the companies need. This should relate to the end decision of the type of hosting and company that someone chooses.

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