The goal of every educational institution is to make learner accountable people in the community in their future after learning. To make this ideal, institutions have come up with electronic portfolios for students: ideal tools that help any student take their academic issues with the seriousness it deserves. They are a clear evidence of the progress a student makes in their schooling years.

Today, there are diverse disciplines that students take in their educational periods and therefore a portfolio has all these included in it. Good examples of subjects are science, arts, and mathematics among others. It is possible to include item programs such as media studies and internet resources in any assortment.

Currently, there are three types of such collections in existence. The three of them are working, assessment and display portfolios. It is very simple to create all or any of these by coming up with a suitable template that a student prefers most.

There are many merits to dig from these educational items because they are not in manual format. They are flexible, fast, and efficient. Their portability is quite simple and therefore students can conveniently move with them from one learning institution to another.

A student planning to design one must know that this is a very simple thing to do and in that case, those in grade three and up have the ability to come up with one such educational item. As a student, first gather every document in electronic style. Lastly, organize them properly then jot down assessments about learning exposure.

To make this activity real, one must make use of suitable hardware and software at the same time. Some of the available software is such as vocal editing software, programs such as word processing and graphical creation and manipulation. For the hardware, one must have a computer, digital camera and sound recording device.

Many educational institutions have electronic portfolios for students. With this, they give every student the chance and the opportunity to monitor their work and check on their progress during learning. This makes an institution move towards greater accountability.

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