There are many reasons as to why you could be interested in utilizing free hosting instead of buying paid hosting. We are not going to go into that, as that should be a decision you the shopper should decide. Nevertheless, this article we intend to talk about some important factors when selecting either a free hosting provider or a paid shared hosting service provider.

Let us talk a little with regards to free hosting – There are a couple of types of this sort of shared hosting. One would be that the user will not be authorized to use a top level domain but a subdomain – i.e. This is not an awful thing; however, a top level is indeed better- i.e. Quite a few free hosts may also use something called forced ads on your internet site. In most instances these are not cumbersome; they normally will appear in the footer on the pages. As a rule, free hosting that utilizes forced ads will give more disk space and bandwidth.

Onto paid hosting; with this, you are able to select your options on what you need for your shared hosting plan. You select disk space, bandwidth and platform. You are in control essentially of what you get. You will not have forced ads. Support is almost always more responsive and ready to help compared to a free hosting provider.

With both free and paid shared hosting, you do not actually know whom you are sharing you space with. The difference between the two is that many bad neighborhood internet sites make use of free hosting. Not all sites hosted on free hosting are going to be bad neighborhood, or used for spamming, nevertheless, there will be quite a few being that they are free, a great number of users utilize the mindset that once their hosting is banned, they are able to move on to the next free hosting provider.

Another thing to take into account between free and paid shared hosting is that should you be operating a business, it could seem less legitimate if someone sees a ‘free hosting by’ at the footer, or simply sees a sub-domain. I know personally; I would be skeptical to purchase something from a site if I knew or suspected it was using free hosting. If a business can’t afford paid hosting, would I want to buy from them?

Many other companies do offer free hosting with out any form of forced ads; however one might have to complete surveys or perhaps post on a forum to gain credits. Another problem with free hosting, it may have hundreds upon hundreds of other sites on it. It could easily slow down your website, and or make it unreachable.

In our opinion, should you be looking for shared hosting and have a few dollars to spend per month, you should use a reputable paid hosting provider. Why take the risk of having a blocked IP, slow web page or other issues that can go along with free hosting.

If you are searching for shared hosting utilizing a free hosting provider, be sure to read about the companies you are considering.

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