Most churches find a web hosting company by doing a Google or Yahoo search. While this is not necessarily bad, it is also not always the best way to make a decision. The information available online is vast and endless but there is a lot of false promises and scams that come with it too. The normal mom and pop shop is a much different experience than an online store.

You may type in “Christian hosting for churches” in your browser and be taken to a site that looks great and makes all kinds of promises that they will never be able to keep. The web is a very interesting place and with it comes great opportunity, but it also opens the door for broken promises and aggravated dreams.

There are many things that you can look out for when looking for a hosting company. Specifically when you are looking for a Christian Web Host. Churches often get scammed with their web hosting. This leads us to write this article to help you along the way.

Be weary of: -Web hosting companies that register your domain in their name -Ones that only offer one plan… unlimited …with very little explanation or documentation -We hosting sites that are very cheezy in their design…if they cannot put money or time into their storefront they wont put much into your site support either -Sites that try to get you to sign up for 3, 4, or even 5 years in advance as they wont know what their expenses will be that far in the future so they are playing Russian roulette with your domain… -Hosting sites that hide the owner info of their domain name… -Those who do not post a phone number and even those who do not offer a toll free number…

You can make a good decision if you go through the process. Check them out by the criteria listed above. Don’t jump on something just because it says Christian on it. Some of those sites are owned by other companies that are not even Christian owned. A great hosting company will have great support through phone and tickets.

You can also see if the web host is affiliated with a bigger stable company so that you know your site will be in good hands for a very long time. A good managed hosting service will go a long way especially with a church. Church web hosting is a niche and has some specific needs and support issues that should be placed in the hands of a company that knows what the needs are before you even ask.

Before you buy, make sure you Choose The Best Web Hosting For Your Churchand make sure you find the right plan for your needs.

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