Having a small apartment will give you difficult time thinking about hosting a dinner party with several number of guests. The following tips below can help you make a dinner party a success, and help save money along the way too.

1. Make a Plan
When setting up a party mainly in the months of summer, make sure your guests are well informed. Do this at least two weeks before the party happens. Weekends in summer fills up quickly, it would be advisable to have precise headcount. A well informed guest, will know what to expect and can plan ahead of time. Next, send out an invitation. A common way to do this is making a Facebook group. You could also consider sending an email or using Evite.com. This service lets you track RSVPs and send reminder messages as the time gets closer.

2. Set a Time and Date
When planning your get together, it’s obvious you’ll need a start time – but have you ever consider the ending? By “capping” off the evening, your guests will know what to expect and can plan accordingly. Perhaps they’ll want to head out to a local bar after the party. This is another great way to help keep the noise down.

3. Let Your Neighbors Know
Even if you’re planning not to stay out to late, it’s good to let your neighbors prepare for the upcoming party. Informed neighbors will know what to expect.

4. Plan the Location
Many apartments are too small to host a large amount of people. If this is the case with yours, consider letting people hang out outdoors. If you have a pool area or even an outdoor courtyard, this could be an excellent place to hold a grill out. This will also help with noise, as people won’t be confined to a small space. One piece of advice when planning outdoors – many Ames property management companies don’t allow glasses outdoors, so steer clear of that.

5. Decide on a Theme or Style
Hosting parties with themes are fun, you can request your guest to wear costume and do some role playing. You can also make them bring their favorite dishes for a potluck, you won’t have to worry about cooking and baking – just the set up and clean up.

The above information was provided on behalf of an Ames property management company who is dedicated to helping individuals find an Ames apartment to suit their needs.

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