To start an Arabic hosting business, without planning for your business is like suicide. Whether you are an experienced web developer, web designer or internet marketer who wants to offer a complete or full solutions to his customer. You must plan ahead before you start and study the market and the competition before you start any online business whether it is a web hosting business or not.

1- Time

Do you have time to serve your customers and answer sales questions from potential customer? Do you have any time to run your business and work on it? If not then you should dedicate more time to your hosting business or rethink the whole idea again. Because at the beginning you need to work in your business and serve your customers until you know how most of the things are done then later you can outsource the donkey work to have enough time to develop your hosting project.

2- Financial Matters

Planning and calculating costs such as advertising, marketing and legal costs is a crucial part of your web hosting business. If you can not afford all those costs then you should think again about your decision because maybe you can use the money some where else.

3- Technical Know how

Do you know how to run a server? Do you know how much does it cost? You must study all those technical factors unless you want to be scammed or offer non reliable service to your customers.

4- Planning

Do you know how to put a business plan for an Arabic web hosting business? Or even any kind of business? Can you afford the cost of hiring professionals who can do that? Because without marketing your business will die sooner or later.

If you decided that you will acquire customers online then you must learn how to make your website rank above your competition on search engine results pages. Which is know as SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Or If you can afford online advertising then you should learn how to create a campaign on Google adwords or yahoo or Bing advertising programs.

If you don’t know how to do all that, then you should out source it if you are financially capable of paying all these costs.

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