It is almost essential today for many businesses to maintain a presence on the World Wide Web. Some support business transactions on their web sites, such as purchases, customer inquires, and so forth. Others use the web to provide information for customers and prospective customers. In all of these cases, there must be at least a web server connected to the Internet to support the services. Companies that provide Internet hosting services provide businesses with alternative methods of supporting this that may be more cost effective than doing the whole job themselves.

The Internet is an instance of the client server method of computing. In this method, or model, every human has a client computer, which is dedicated to that human and which provides the user interface and some additional application processing. The client accesses servers that perform the rest of the application processing. The servers are shared computers; they communicate with other computers via a network, which could be the Internet.

Client server computing is a good model for the way the World Wide Web works. The web access program running on a customer’s computer is called a web browser, but it would be logical to call it a web client as well. Each web site is supported by one or more web servers. The organization, business, or individual owning a web site may create and support the required web servers. However companies that offer Internet hosting services may provide better options for this.

Web hosting service providers run the web server or servers for the client’s sites. For brevity, we replace individual or organization with client. Data for the web site comes from the client. Loading it into the web server causes the web site to become active. Many Internet service providers offer this service at no extra charge to their subscribers. One can also find no cost support for web servers.

There are limits to free web services. There are usually upper bounds to the storage space and Internet bandwidth provided. Advertisements are sometimes added to the pages. Service without these limitations is usually available to clients that pay.

If the client wants a web server that they can customize, perhaps by adding application software, they may select dedicated hosting services. These services run each web server on a separate, dedicated computer. The so called virtual version of this uses separate virtual computers instead of separate physical computers. The virtual option provides web server isolation for less cost than the physical dedicated option. Many other version of these plans exist.

Web servers aren’t the only Internet servers in use. Many clients want their own email servers. These servers route email messages through the Internet to their ultimate destination servers. They also store email messages in some cases. Multiple player games that run on the Internet generally require that there be a game server somewhere out there.

Internet hosting services may provide some real opportunities for supporting web sites. Smaller organizations in particular may have trouble justifying the cost of supporting a web server themselves. Larger companies may find that outsourcing web services is more cost effective than doing it themselves, and may support the use of more up to date technology.

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