When you are ready to have a website, there are lots of options for low cost domain name registration. You just need to sift through all the possibilities. The one that is lowest cost may not be the best.

The name, or address, of your website is your domain name, such as www.domainname.com. Every domain name is unique so you need to be sure yours is available. Then you will need to have it registered. There are associated fees with registering the name and there is a lot of variation in the pricing.

Of course, price is going to play a part in your decision-making. But a price is only relative to what you get for it. You need more to have a website than a name so take a close look at the other elements that are often packaged with domain name registration.

Once you have your name, you will need to get your website hosted. This is a service that is often offered along with the registration, especially companies that offer low cost registering. In some cases the hosting is free but the registration is a bit more. What is important is the total cost and what you get for that price.

Domain name registration is the same with any company as far as the service goes. The only difference is how many years you decide to pay for at one time. The longer you choose, the lower the rate per year. This is a great option if you know that you will want to keep the same name.

With the web hosting, you need to compare exactly what is being provided with each service. Make note of things such as how much space you will have, how many email addresses and the way they handle your email. Email forwarding is frequently part of domain registration packages even if you do not get their hosting. An especially important point is whether or not you need to have banners or ads place on your website.

You can find a great deal for domain name registration. You just need to go through all the details and understand what is offered for the cost of each service. Take a look at the hosting each offers while you are at it. Often, you can do both together and save even more.

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