Starting a home business from scratch can be a bit overwhelming for someone that does not have a lot of Internet savvy. There are plenty of things that can go wrong, and choosing the wrong hosting company is one of them. By picking a company that looks at it as more of a partnership, the rookie owner will have a much better chance of success.

If you want to see how many hosting companies that are actually in existence, do a quick Google search and get ready to drop your jaw. There will be well over 40,000,000 hits that come back. While all of these are not hosting sites, it will give you a general idea as to how big of a business this actually is. We are going to provide some information on three of the larger companies that are out there today.

Go Daddy – while they may arguably be the biggest and most popular, they are more about advertising and fluff than they are about quality. If their customer service was as good as their commercials, everyone else would be out of business. Before checking out your shopping cart, be very careful about the fees that will be piling up.

They are a perfect example of a bait and switch company. They will push $1.99 domains when they advertise, but they are not .com addresses and .xxx is pretty much worthless. They also offer low priced hosting plans, but there is nothing included that will actually help the owner succeed. If you want a quick sample, try and check out and get obliterated by all the up-sells that they push on you. We are going to pass on this one.

Blue Host – this is a company that has been around for a while, but you are going to pay to play on here. Their yearly plans are pretty reasonable, but again, in order to get the marketing and additional benefits that a new website owner needs to truly succeed, you could be paying well over $100 a month when all is said and done.

GVO – finally, a company that puts it all on the table and provided everything needed right from the get go. While their monthly plan looks higher than all of the other sites, it is actually much cheaper because of the features that are available. This is a complete hosting solution for less than $50 a month.

Getting a new business off of the ground is hard enough, starting out with the wrong hosting plan and lack of tools just makes it worse. Instead of fighting through the chaos that most Web sites struggle with, give a company like GVO a quick look and you will soon realize that they are much more than a hosting company, they are a true partner that wants their clients to succeed just as much as the owner themselves.

A hosting service should be one of the first things a new home business owner considers when they are developing a website. If you want to be as successful as Randy, check out GVO and watch what they can do for you.

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