VMware vSphere is the most trusted and reliable data center virtualization software in the industry. It offers the highest levels of performance and manageability , which are deemed a necessity by the most demanding data centers in the world.

VMware vSphere will help you to save money and provide you more control over your computing system . You will be able to free up your IT staff and can use just about any server hardware, operating system, and applications you like.

New features of vSphere 4.1:


* Memory Compression -Lessens memory contention and improves application performance.

* DRS Host Affinity – Set policies when using Dynamic Resource Scheduling to preferentially keep an application residing on a specific server.


* Storage I/O Control-Set storage quality of service preferences for each virtual machine to prioritize availability of storage resources.

* Array Integration-use new storage protocols between vSphere and storage arrays for quicker Storage vMotion events and virtual machine provisioning.


* Network I/O Control-Set network quality-of-service priorities per flow type for prioritized access to network resources.


* More virtual machines per cluster: 3,000.

* More physical servers per vCenter Server instance: 1,000.

* More virtual hosts per vCenter Server instance: 10,000 powered on:15,000 registered.


* VMware vMotion – Upgrades to vMotion create quicker response and availability enabling up to eight vMotion migration events at one time.


* Active Directory integration-Single sign-on feature for user authentication at the vSphere host for centralized user management. Easily assign allowed actions to users or groups and roll out permission rules across hosts.

VMware server virtualization technology can assist you in making the most of your IT assets. It can help to reduce the capital expenditure of the data center by as much as 60%! Reductions in real estate, cooling, and power requirements can help you to cut energy costs by as much as 80%!

If you are not already deploying server virtualization with shared storage, you should know that it can significantly cut costs. A good way to start is to have a server consolidation study completed which will give you an idea of what types of capital and operational cost savings you can obtain with a server virtualization upgrade.

Find out more about the benefits of server virtualization technology as well as full data center virtualization from a local IT reseller, who can also help you with the upgrade.

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