Many people out there think that web design is really hard. After all, there are thousands of programs out there to create web pages and millions of people going to expensive colleges every year just to learn all about web sites! However, things are not nearly as hard as you would think.

The first step to creating a good web page is to decide what you want on it. People will be visiting your site for what is written there, not how pretty it looks you know. Go ahead and make a list of the main sections you want people to visit. “Home”, “About me” and “links” are usually good starts.

The next step is organizing your web page. If similar things are on your list they can go on the same page. For example, a webring banner and your links can go on the same page. Try not to have too many pages on your web site as people do not like to sift through 20 different pages for information. Keep it simple.

Once you have planned out what is going on your web page and how it is organized, it is time to design your site’s layout. The three most important things are ease of use, visibility, and compatibility.

Visibility means that your site is easy to read and pleasant to the eyes. Picking two contrasting complimentary colors for your web site’s theme is a good idea. The greater the difference in shades between the colors, the easier it will be to read. Generally light text on a dark background or dark text on a light background is the best. Do not use patterned backgrounds as they make it heard to read.

Ease of use has to do with how easy it is for people to get things done on your site. All your main important pages should be on an easy to read menu that shows up on every single page. If you have a bunch of small subpages linked off your main pages (go easy on those, by the way!) adding a site map link to the footer of each page is a smart idea, too.

The final thing to think about is compatibility. Your web page should be able to work on any browser and not require any sort of special software to run. This means that silverlight and flash are both poor choices for the web site as they don’t work on every browser and every operating system and can cause lag or even crashing when they do work. W3C compliant code is a good idea to have to make sure your site will work well.

Once you get down to the basics, web design is not very difficult. Just keep in mind the three keys of compatibility, visibility, and ease of use and organize your site well and you will be doing fine. Do not be afraid to make your own web page yourself. Give it a try and you may be very happy with the results.

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