With the advancement in technology, the online services and facilities are becoming more and cheaper. Today, it is not hard to find a web hosting plan absolutely free on the internet. However it is worth knowing that these free web hosting plans are not absolutely free, in fact in many cases they might prove to be costlier.

The first aspect here is that when one offers you free web hosts service it does not come completely free of charge, your site in exchange is used as an advertisement site and is filled in by the banners, ads as well as pop–ups related to other sites who have paid them for advertising. The worst part is you have no control over the kind of ads. Therefore it is better to go for as we hosting service wherein they charge a monthly fee, but the website belongs to you completely. It is good to know that today you can find a large number of companies providing Web Hosting in India or web server hosting in India. Dedicated web Hosting is considered to be one of the very best kinds of web hosting offered by India. Affordable hosting in India is popular and is opted by customers round the world. Web Hosting India is not only cheaper but also rated high on quality by customers round the globe.

Also, customer support associated with the free web hosting services is close to nothing; since the services are free, you cannot claim for a better service also. On the other hand when you opt for a paid web hosting you benefit in terms of quality customer as well as technical support.

Another drawback to be noticed is, the bandwidth amount permitted, in case of free hosting is limited, thus it cannot support a heavy incoming traffic and there is no way you can counter the same. In case of a paid host, greater bandwidth can be supported and you have the option to upgrade the same to higher limits. Last but not the least, your site becomes more vulnerable to virus attacks if it is taken free of cost, paid hosts on the other hand have higher security levels and work towards proper protecting their customer’s data.

Thus it is clear that a free web host will give you much lower level of service. If you are planning to use your website for business purpose paid service is going to give better results. Free hosting is not always the worst option; you can benefit from the same, if you are in need of a personal website. However when serious business is concerned, you need to opt for a good paid hosting service. There are a large number of companies offering good paid hosting service at very reasonable rates. Apart from this they also provide you good customer support assistance and effective up gradation whenever you are in need of the same.

If you are looking for reliable web server hosting in India, you need to know that it is not difficult to find an affordable hosting in India. You can look for the same in the internet; large number of companies with competitive price ranges and top quality services are available. With so many choices available you can very easily choose a web hosting meeting your needs.

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