Choosing a good webhosting options is as important as choosing the right tool to build your website. There are so many options in front of you that you will find it very difficult to make your choice if you are not well informed about each of them. Hence it is always better to be fully informed before you choose the one that is perfect for your requirements.

Option #1: Free Webhosting

As the name says, you need not pay any charges when you opt for free webhosting. The webhosting company will make up for the money by placing ads automatically on your web pages. The ads will be inserted through scripts, pop ups or frames. If you do not want any ads being placed on your website, then, this is definitely not an option for you. There are a few other drawbacks as well that come with the territory. You cannot be assured of a fixed disk space and the uptime of the server. The software and bandwidth options also will be limited.

Option #2: Standard Webhosting

The standard web hosting is an option that is offered by all web hosting companies and is the most common one. You will have to pay a fixed amount on a monthly basis to the webhosting provider. In turn, the provider will offer you software, disk space on a high speed service and other regular features. Most often than not, webhosting providers offer an amount of 5GB disk space on a disk that has up to 120GB space. Hence, in addition to your website there will be many other websites also that will be hosted on the same server.

There are few things that you will have to lookout for before you go in for this option. Check to see if the provider offers you server software which includes CGI, Weblogs and PHP. Also, find out if you will have to shell out more money for extra bandwidth if you page ranks high on the result list and thus, garners a lot of visitors. Also, find out the Operating System being used on the server since it can affect your website.

Most people who run personal websites or online business website prefer this option. There are companies that offer standard web hosting for an amount as low as $1 a month.

Option #3: Dedicated Web hosting

Unlike in the case of standard web hosting where you website shares the server with over 20 other websites, if you opt for dedicated webhosting you can be assured of an entire server being dedicated just to your website. While the cost of this is definitely going to be very high, you can be rest assured about the speed and bandwidth. You will have more control over the server and its working. Though some companies offer a complete server to the website, in a few cases, the server is shared with at least one or two other websites. Hence, this type of webhosting is also referred by a few as shared webhosting.

In addition to these, there are other options like collocation, reseller webhosting, weblog hosting and clustered webhosting. Though it may interest you to know more about them, it is the first three options listed that people prefer the most.

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