If you are searching for ways to bring in more leads and new clients for your business, an SEO and internet marketing firm can help by promoting your company’s website. SEO and internet marketing are fast becoming the top choice among companies looking to promote themselves to the public. The prudent business owner must learn more about this new industry in order to use it to it’s fullest extent.

If your company operates in a large city such as Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver or Toronto and is up against quite a bit of competition, it is critical that you establish a strong web presence in order to compete with other businesses in your industry. An SEO and internet marketing firm can be your best tool in the quest to grow your business, particularly if you are going after a localized market.

If a company is to compete for business, it must be prepared to market and vie for customers online. Statistics and trends show that an increasing number of consumers turn to using search engines (ie Google) to find particular products and services, as opposed to the traditional methods of turning to the yellow or white pages to find information. So precisely what is “Localized Internet Marketing”?

Localized internet marketing is utilizing a combination of the latest internet marketing techniques to target customers and gain new leads within a specific geo-targeted marketplace. When done properly, a localized internet marketing strategy can greatly increase revenue for almost any business!

The three primary strategies used for localized internet marketing include: 1. Social Media (twitter, Facebook, Linked In). 2. Article marketing and link submission (informational articles and press releases). 3. SEO and keyword analysis (search engine optimization).

The first step when beginning a localized search engine optimization and internet marketing campaign for you company is to find the “right” keywords to plug into your website. A keyword is any word or phrase that is typed into a search engine.

For instance, the keyword, “Edmonton home builder” is a localized keyword that is searched 43 times per day on average. In comparison, the keyword “Edmonton builders” is searched 487 times per day! Clearly, if you are a home building company in the Edmonton area, you will want to use the keyword “Edmonton Builders” more than the prior example of “Edmonton home builder”, because more people will be exposed to your website when they do their Google search.

SEO companies specialize in analyzing the internet to find the keywords that will work best for your particular business.

An SEO company will use the proper meta tag structure that appeals to the search engines. The key with SEO and keyword analysis is to find the “right” keywords for your website, and properly “set up” your site for that keyword so that the search engines can find it easily and direct potential consumers to your site.

Once your company’s website is set up for the search engines to quickly locate, it needs back links in order to achieve a lot of web traffic. A back link is any link pointing to your site. Search engines record how may back links are pointing to your site (and where the links are coming from), and rank sites according to back link popularity. To get on Google page 1, your website must have many, many back links pointing to it.

The importance of contracting an SEO firm to get your website listed on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo & MSN cannot be denied.

According to TMP Directional Marketing (http://www.tmpdirectionalmarketing.com/), on average, a consumer performs 87 internet searches per month. Search intensity and engagement is rapidly growing!

Even more convincing are the following statistics (also derived from TMP Directional Marketing):

-When a local business searcher reaches your website, they make contact with your business 46% of the time! -81% of consumers now use the internet to research a product or service that they intend to buy! -46% of consumers will phone your business after having researched you online. -37% of consumers will visit your business after having “looked you up” online.

If you are looking to generate fresh leads and new clients for your business, consider contracting the services of top Edmonton SEO and internet marketing firm. VNet Consulting specializes in website construction, search engine optimization and internet marketing. Get the traffic and results you need in order to grow your business to the max with Edmonton SEO services!

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