For anyone looking into buying web hosting it is first a good idea to actually know what it is. In simple terms, web hosting is a service given to either organizations or individuals so they can host their websites on the world wide web.

The internet, or world wide web is made up of literally hundreds of thousands of websites, all hosted on computers called web servers around the world.

The source of each website, which is saved on a web server maintained by an internet service provider, enables people to view the website online when the relevant url is typed in.

The source files that are stored on the web server need to be continuously maintained and updated and this can be done in two ways.

Firstly the user has his or her own web server and has full administrative rights over the website and can make changes and add content whenever they wish at their own leisure.

The second option is where the web hosting company administers any changes on your behalf which is a better option for amateur internet users. You will therefore need to advise the administrator of any content changes you would like to make.

Whichever type of web hosting you choose it is essential that the company offer 24/7 support to rectify any hosting problems and monitor your site for any unwanted intruders.

If you are looking for a web host for a personal website or blog then scour the internet for free web hosting packages, however for businesses it is worth upgrading as paid web hosting offers more features for business websites.

With so many web hosting companies now around it is well worth shopping around and comparing offers from numerous companies before making a choice and take advantage of any free training videos offered.

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