Overwhelmed with options? Confused? Those are normal feelings or situations you will definitely face when you try to start a web hosting business. There are a lot of web hosting packages, support and billing software.

VPS, Reseller package or a Dedicated server?

Whether to start with a dedicated, VPS or a reseller package depends on some factors, for example Do you have the technical expertise to run a server? If not then start with a reseller package.

Software and operating system is another problem, You have to think about it from the technical and financial aspects. Are you capable of paying for a windows server license? if not then go with linux. Can you pay for WHM, Cpanel licenses? If not then search for a web hosting provider who will give you those licenses for free.

Support and Billing Software. WHMCS or Clientexec?

Of Course WHMCS, The back end is very sophisticated and the software is constantly updated. Their technical support is reliable and the WHMCS forums offer a lot of guides and tips for beginners and advanced users.

If you want a separate software for support, then you have to pay for it unless you use an open source software.

Also Clientexec and WHMCS aren’t free software, if you can’t pay for their license then search for a reseller, VPS or a dedicated package that offers you a free license.

Domain Reseller

There is always a catch with free Domain resellers. Most web companies brag about giving out free domain reseller. So you should take maximum care and investigate the matter.

Some of the so called free domain reseller packages sell domains to you for a ridiculous price. So you end up offering your customers domain names on very high non competitive prices.

Host gator is considered one of the best web hosting companies. Their reseller package comes with a lot of free templates for your website along with free domain reseller, free WHM, Cpanel, WHMCS and ClientExec licenses which will save you a lot of money.

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