Reseller Hosting allows the account owner to obtain the privilege of making use of their own hard drive and server space along with bandwidth for the purpose of hosting websites owned by other users. This process is identical to that of a common purchase and sale wherein the reseller decides to buy something from the host wholesaler which he sells to interested users with a profit. When this transaction is complete, a part of the server space, hard drive and also bandwidth is reserved and allotted to the account that is managed by the reseller.

The reseller then has the option of either renting from a hosting company after which he will operate within a dedicated server or he can resell those hosting services that are shared. If the reseller decides to settle for the first option, he will have to rent a server from that company with which he has reseller account. However, if he chooses the second option, he will be allowed to make a deal with his customers according to which a part of the disk space, server space as well as bandwidth will be sold to them.

Usually, reseller web hosting is carried out by a web developer, a web design company or a systems integrator whose additional services consist of the process of web hosting.

Those internet marketers who are looking to begin a business can opt for reseller hosting as it is cost effective.

According to a vast majority of plans that support reseller hosting, the resellers get the option of creating and developing their own plans and also creating their own costing plan.

Those thinking about reseller hosting do not need to possess complex knowledge about web hosting with regard to technicalities. According to most plans, it is the responsibility of the data operators to manage hardware and the development of network infrastructure. On the other hand, the job of maintaining security and configuration lies with the user who owns the dedicated server. The dedicated server is also expected to keep the server modern.

Resellers get the option of creating and maintaining customer accounts with the help of a web interface. Therefore, for this purpose, the reseller must be familiar with the control panels list. These include:

1-WHM/cPanel which is not available in Windows yet.

2) Plesk



5-Cortex Provisioning System which is available in Windows

6. Reseller Hosting


8. Ensim Pro

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