Site hosting is the service which provides viewer accessibility to your website. Web hosting enterprises are abundant, but there are really only two broad categories of hosting services, namely, those which are free, and those which charge fees.

Free web site hosting services allow you to upload your web site content without any cost. This is great for people who are new to the Internet. These hosts will put ads and banners on your web page so that they can make money to pay for the service that they are offering you for free.

A great feature of this kind of web hosting is that if you only need to upload a minimal amount of content that will be accessed by a small audience, you can do so without charge.

Also, the majority of free hosting services provide user friendly platforms and methods for uploading your content. These services ensure the availability of such mechanisms because they are fully aware that the majority of their clients are novices.

There are drawbacks to using a free host, however. You will have limited space on their servers. And, it’s unlikely that you will have your own URL. Usually, your site will be on their domain name, with your name added as a directory after it.

A paid host offers the advantage of ample web space, and are suitable for those expecting higher traffic. Paid web hosts, of course, charge a fee for their services. Fees vary greatly from one host to another. This is the choice for professionals.

You will also be able to place ads and banners on your web site so that you can earn the money that they bring in. Plus you will not have to have a web site hosting company’s name as a part of your domain name.

In general, I suggest choosing a paid hosting service. It is certainly possible to find solid web hosting for mere dollars each month, which is a minimal expense in the grand scheme of things.

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