There are lots of factors why you would want a web site. You may want to have an online presence which might prove to be a really effective tool, you may require to offer help services for your clients or you might have realized that having a web site can save you money especially in our current economy. Whatever the reason or factors that prompted the move, hosting a website isn’t rocket science, at least if you are not the one going to figure out such points as bandwidth usage, scripts incorporation and other server related activities. On the other hand, most web host companies will expect you to have done research and know exactly what you want in a web host package.

Before web hosting a website, you will find a few things you’ve to keep in mind. One is that you will find a variety of internet hosting systems and has its own benefits and disadvantages. The two most common choices within the marketplace are Linux and Windows hosting services. Should you were to ask for my opinion, I would suggest that you simply go for Windows Web hosting.

This really is because Windows platforms have an entire marketplace of internet products which are compatible with their server technologies. Even some Linux server features and other open source platforms like PHP and MySQL have been incorporated into Windows 2003 and 2008 server as add-ons enabling you to have a complete web web hosting package. What is much more, these add-ons do not come at an additional cost, sort of like an incentive.

Think about also the ease of use. Windows server systems have a really user friendly interface that any novice user can easily use. When web hosting a website, you may also want to take advantage of such technologies as Microsoft.NET platforms that offer an advanced web and application management capabilities. If you’ll be designing your website utilizing an application like Microsoft Frontpage or Active Server Pages or ASP, then you’ll find that a Windows host offers a better solution to your web hosting requirements.

This really is nevertheless not to say that web hosting a website on a UNIX web hosting spells doom. Linux systems have improved over recent years and have started to provide support for ASP and ASP.Net while also offering native help for PHP along with other database management platforms. There is not clear hard line that you simply can use that favors 1 hosting service above an additional. Nevertheless, prior to hosting a website, take time to think about your needs and make an informed decision.

Alisa Haeften writes some Hosting Review for VPS Hosting

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