Web hosting on the internet is a service provided by companies to host websites. These companies either own their own server space or take it from other companies on lease. Web hosting is most commonly done on World Wide Web. The most basic of all the hosting services provided by hosts are development of web pages or small-file hosting service. Web pages are also called web sites and today they are developed for a large number of reasons. Single individuals develop web sites for personal use, whereas business houses use web sites for the promotion of their products or services. Hosting business on the internet through web sites and setting up e-commerce portals for direct business transactions have brought the whole business-setup in the hand of the buyer and seller through the click of a mouse. The cost of setting-up business websites is very large compared to personal web pages. Individuals can even set-up personal web pages without any cost what-so-ever.

Today, hosting of one’s business or other activities on the website, and its proper management through a good web host leads to unparalleled profits compared to conventional modes of carrying out business promotions and advertising. But before going for finalizing the services of any host, the user must verify some of the parameters being provided to their web pages. These parameters may be summed up as: a) Size of web-space provided. b) File Transfer Protocol access, which is required for uploading new pages. Thus, hosting max 1times and then adding new pages later on makes adding new information more convenient. c) Level of security, reliability and speed of access. Slow websites repel visitors and hence potential business and inputs. Web hosts should be reliable in the sense that web pages should always be available and never go down. d) Prompt support services. e) Proper Pricing and f) Bandwidth for data transfer. Some providers give the quick facility of hosting max 1times.

In the last two decades of the 20th Century, the field of Information Technology has experienced impeccable growth. And numerous web hosting services providers have mushroomed like anything in Finland. As per the latest statistics, number of web hosting providers with more than a thousand domains in Finland is more than a staggering thirty. Finland is the pioneer in the development of the first Graphical User Interface (GUI) web browser. It was developed in the April of 1992 in Helsinki University of Technology (HUT) under the guidance of Ari Lemmke. Four students – Teemu Rantanen, Kati Suominen, Kim Nyberg and Kari Sydnmaanlakka combined their efforts to build Erwise. Other services that are developed are hosting max 1times.

The additional facility of hosting max 1times gives the user the edge over the choice of the web hosts. Most of the web host providers in Finland provide hosting packages containing Content Management System either for a nominal fee or sometimes free of cost. Finland has a history of introducing ground-breaking technology to the world in almost all fields.

The same can be said for its services and contribution in the web hosting world. There have been pioneering efforts in this field in this country and regular developments are daily taking place to touch top class in web hosting services.

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