Reseller hosting is a commonly used but generic term which is applied to a few different brands of web hosting. It is not so much a description of the type of web hosting that is matched to the offer so much as it is a description of who is offering the service.

A hosting reseller operates by procuring large blocks of web space from large web hosting companies and then sells off chunks of this accumulated space to their own customers. They are more or less mimicking the services that are usually offered from web hosting companies but they are eliminating some of the expensive overhead that usually comes with running one of these large companies. There are several sites that like using Hosting Resellers. Some of these are web hosting companies that are just getting started, businesses that have many websites, and Web Design businesses that want to provide hosting for their customers.

Hosting resellers might offer dedicated solutions, VPS, or shared hosting, as described in part two. For the most part, customers of resellers will be able to procure cheaper hosting services because the reseller will purchase the space in bulk at a discount. The only issue that can sometimes arise when using reseller hosting is that the reseller is actually also a customer, in this case of the large company that they have bought the initial hosting space from. The amount of support the Reseller can provide you with depends on the service they’re buying from, but oftentimes if you contact your Reseller Host about a problem all they’ll do is turn around and get support from the main web host.

Dave will only find reseller hosting to be useful if he figures out that he can sell hosting services to other people or if he thinks he can expand his portfolio of sites. If someone is looking into Reseller Hosting for inexpensive web space, they would want to look into Shared Hosting options, where the space is shared with another client.

Some people may be better off with just a single website, so that they can have more control over its design plans and performance.

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