A ‘reseller host’ is a phrase which refers to multiple types of hosting on the internet. It’s more about the type of people who are offering the hosting, more than the actual features of the web hosting itself.

A hosting reseller is someone that purchases large accounts from web hosting companies and then will try and turn around the web space and sell it to their own customers. Basically, they offer the services offered by a Web Hosting business, but they are not required to develop and pay for the costly hardware, and they do not have to take care of it either. This is a business model that is common with a couple of different types of companies, most usually web design companies that want to offer hosting as a bundle to their clients, start up web hosts, and also companies that are building a very large portfolio.

Hosting resellers might offer dedicated solutions, VPS, or shared hosting, as described in part two. The clients of a Reseller Host benefit by being able to purchase web space at a lower cost. The one downside to all of this is that the Reseller Host is still a client of the hosting company from which they bought the space in the first place. The more advanced the Hosting they are offering, the more support the Reseller can give you directly – but as a customer of a Reseller, it is possible that you will contact the Reseller about a technical fault, who will then in turn have to contact his or her Hosting company.

Someone may find Reseller Hosting most beneficial from a selling aspect, in order to expand their business to a sizable portfolio of websites. If these two activities aren’t something you plan on pursuing, shared hosting is the best option for you, since it provides more options and versatility, as well as a relatively inexpensive cost.

Some people may be better off with just a single website, so that they can have more control over its design plans and performance.

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