Many individuals out there incorrectly believe that the web hosting segment provides the same kinds of services from one company to the next. Simply put, lots of individuals falsely understand that all website products and their hosts are identical. In reality, this is the exact opposite of the case. Intended to appeal to a particular kind of client, various forms of packages for web hosting are available.

Shared Programs

When you sign up for a shared plan, you are basically using a server that hosts yours as well as other customers’ sites. In addition to your site, some servers may host ten other websites. Other plans can host thousands of individual sites on one server. The big advantage to shared hosting is the fact that is is so cost effective.

Dedicated Plans

Providing total versatility, a dedicated program is nice to have. You are able to determine the kind of scripts, software, and even operating system installed for the box. You do not have to worry about taking up too much processing capability, since no other clients are on your server.

VPS Programs

If you are looking for a plan that combines the best of both worlds, giving you a flexible, dedicated solution on a budget, then a virtual private server or VPS is right for you. With a VPS hosting system, the server box is partitioned by the host so that while you are sharing space you will not be sharing or processing various resources with other customer sites. The partitioning helps to ensure that all clients have access to equal yet separate resources of the server. This helps to alleviate problems experienced with shared hosting solutions, preventing other customers’ sites from affecting the speed and load-time of your sites.

* Re-Seller Hosting Plans

If you are looking for a hosting solution that will allow you to resell hosting services to other customers or clients, then a re-seller hosting solution is right for you. A re-seller pays a monthly fee to an established web hosting provider who gives them a specific amount of space on a server. The re-seller then turns around and sells portions of that space in small slices to their own customers. This type of plan is only suggested for someone who wants to get into the re-seller industry.

Reliability, versatility, and customer support prove to be the most critical characteristics to contemplate when one is seeking out a host for websites. Going with the cheapest possible program is an often made misstep.

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