Reseller Host is something of an umbrella term that could refer to a variety of different types of Web Hosts. It isn’t a definition of the kind of Web Hosting on offer, as such, as the kind of person offering it.

What a Reseller Host does is purchase a large account from a particular Web Host company and then sells off space on that account to clients. They basically serve the same purpose as a Web Host, but they can offer you space at a significantly lower cost and take care of the basic maintenance. This is a business model that is common with a couple of different types of companies, most usually web design companies that want to offer hosting as a bundle to their clients, start up web hosts, and also companies that are building a very large portfolio.

A Reseller Host may offer deals on Shared, Dedicated or VPS space (this is further discussed in part 2.) Customers tend to benefit from cheaper Web Hosting as a Reseller often purchases their Web Hosting at a discount. There is one big problem with Reseller Hosting and that is that the Reseller is a client of the business from which they originally purchased their hosting. While the more advanced resellers will offer advanced support services to go with their product, this still means that if you have a problem that the reseller cannot solve by themselves they will have to get in touch with the larger company and this will greatly slow down the whole support process for you.

For instance, Reseller Hosting will only be beneficial to Dave if he chooses to offer Hosting to his customers, or if he wants to grow his company by having a portfolio full of websites. If he wasn’t looking to do either of these he’d probably stick with Shared Hosting – as it is the most common form of Hosting it is also the most popular, and he’d get more use out of it.

At the present, though, it is a good alternative if they have only a single site but are interested in having more control over the performance of the site since it is getting too busy, or if there are some elaborate redesigns forthcoming.

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